Aquasol Tablet Salt 10kg

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A leading brand of tablet salt for small to medium sized domestic water softeners. Aquasol is a pillow shaped briquette made from compressed fine salt granules. Manufactured to minimise breakages and chipping and to dissolve efficiently.

Aquasol Briquettes

  • Aquasol is formed from high purity PDV salt which is compacted into pillow shaped salt briquettes.
  • The salt briquettes are hard, non-dusty and porous, and dissolve quickly to form a brine solution.
  • Aquasol is perfect for use in domestic and light commercial water softening equipment where the regeneration of ion exchangers is required.
  • The salt used to produce Aquasol briquettes complies with BS EN 973: 2009, an internationally recognised standard for chemicals for treatment of water intended for human consumption.

This product is available in 10kg and 25kg bags.

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10kg, 25kg